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Whois Database Search


Search the "WHOIS" Database and see if your Domain Name is taken.

If it's not then let "Infa dot Net" Web Services Host it for you.

"Domain Name Parking"
You can even "Park it" So don't loose the chance to get the domain name of your choice. "Park It Now"
We'll register your domain name with InterNic and you will own it because you will be the administrative contact! There is no limit to the number of domain names you can park on our servers. For each parked domain, you get an "Under Construction" web page.
Then when you are ready to host your web site with us, your domain name will already be registered and ready to go or just have it pointed to an existing site!

It's that easy!

Don't let your competition get the address before you do!

Maybe you have a web site already, But you would like to have a domain name instead of
" http://homepage.blablabla.net/users/~yourname "
Then do we have a plan for you!

"Virtual Domain Name Pointing"

Have your domain name pointing to an existing web site or home page. You can have an unlimited amount of virtual domain name pointers. This means you can have as many domain names as you'd like pointing to your web site.
So if your domain name is atomictime.net it will point to your hompage at http://homepage.blablabla.net/users/~yourname
so it looks like you are using web hosting service and not a dialup ISP.

All mail will be routed to the account's default mailbox or forwarded to a specific e-mail address anywhere you choose.

Your Business deserves more recognition, Do it right the first time!

For more information please e-mail us at: sales@infa.net
Or call us Toll Free at

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